Hairy Glass began building Pro Stock parts in 1974. By 1981 Harry had secured contracts with all 3 of Detroits auto manufacturers! Over the next 2 decades H/G exclusively produced Pro Stock body kits for GM® Motorsports, Motorcraft® Racing and Mopar® Motorsports! H/G bodies were on every Pro Stock World Champion car from 1979 to 2001. No other manufacturer can say that! What does that mean to you? If you're looking for Nostalgia Pro Stock parts you're at the right place. Looking to build a Glidden EXP from '82 or how about WJ's '87 Firenza? We can build your parts from the same molds that were used to build theirs. You name the car! If "the factory" ran it in NHRA® or IHRA® Pro Stock in the 80's up to '02 we have it!


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