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DeKon Engineering, LTD was formed in July 1974 by Lee Dykstra and Horst Kwech; the most successful and recognized of all the H07 racecar builders. The name DeKon is a concatenation of the D in Dykstra and the K in Kwech. It is also short for Design and Construction. DeKon was located in Libertyville, Illinois. In three years, they produced seventeen racecars. Of these, fourteen were Monzas. In '77 Dykstra gave Harry permission to make molds of the Phase 2 and Phase 3. When DeKon stopped production Dykstra contacted Harry and sent his molds to us. We still have them today and they are in relatively good shape. 

Racing Monza Body Style Phases

Phase 1

1974 Season - prototype/concept body was similar to the 1977 Chevrolet Monza Mirage special edition. Mild Coke bottle shaped body flares with wrap-around rear spoiler. Non-scooped front air dam. Half-length hood bulge to clear downdraft carbs or fuel injection.

Phase 2

1975 Season and early 1976 - Wider body flares with scooped door extensions.

Phase 3

1976 Season - Most of '76 IMSA season, and 1980-on for SCCA Trans-Am. Wider body flares. Slightly taller wrap-around rear spoiler. Non-scooped front air dam with rubber skirting. Scooped door extensions. Full-length hood bulge.

Phase 4

1977 Season: Widest available body flares. Wrap-around rear spoiler with new large banana style rear wing. Scooped front air dam. Several different style door extensions seen; scooped, non-scooped, NACA duct or slotted. Brad Frisselle and Tom Frank utilized flat ramp style front air dam. Hood bulge was full-length about 2" high or more.

Phase 5

No wrap-around rear spoiler, only banana style rear wing in various forms. Larger front cow catcher air dam, several variations. Different styled door extensions. Hood bulge was 3" high or more .

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